Auger feeding systems


Are you looking for an effective method of transporting feed for your pigs, which can provide maximum protection against dust, dirt or weather conditions? Auger conveyors are undoubtedly the best solution: New Cagi designs and manufactures equipment specifically designed for the transport of cereals and feed for livestock in the Reggio Emilia area. These machines can be of various sizes depending on customer requirements. Their screw-shaped shape, rotating on its own axis, generates a movement that keeps feed supplies constant.

Hopper plants

The auger conveyors are equipped with loading and unloading funnels, have a range of powers and capacity per hour or kilogram, are completely sealed and particularly suitable for use in animal husbandry. To facilitate transportation and loading and unloading of feed, they are equipped with a hopper or trolley and, on request, can be fitted with other supports as needed. New Cagi engineers are involved in all stages of work, from design to construction, installation and customer breeding.

Steel conveyors

Cochlear conveyors can be constructed in various metal alloys, using low-maintenance, hot-dip galvanised steel and stainless steel materials. All equipment is made in line with the latest safety regulations and are fully certified. Contact us with any requirement: We are here to help you with information on the technical characteristics of our conveyors or to help you design customised equipment, including non-standard sizes.
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