Cages for pigs


At our Reggio Emilia plant, we also deal with the design and production of cages designed for the weaning of pigs, built strictly in compliance with the new European animal welfare guidelines. Our company can also design and make customised cages, according to customer requirements. In addition to the installation of cages and boxes at your premises, we also organise training courses for staff on the proper use of our equipment to help you get the best results from your breeding programme.

Weaning cages

Our metal pig cages are designed to accommodate piglets in the delicate phase of moving away from the mother (weaning). They are large and made with special perimeter steel barriers, with transistors fitted with vertical or horizontal pipes, and open or blind access gates. The floors are designed to maintain maximum hygiene within the cage and are equipped with special cracks. These structures are built to accommodate piglets, even a few days old, providing them with maximum well-being and a suitable environment for growth.

Accessories for cages

Cages are supplied to the customer with complete accessories, such as power supplies and drinking water dispensers. Our technical team are available to provide the best design solution, depending on the size and type of cage required. Feeders are available for all types of feed, both dry and liquid, and are also equipped with feeding systems. If you have a special request, please do not hesitate to contact us: Our courteous and competent staff is ready to answer all your questions.
Come and visit us at 6, via Felice Casorati in Reggio Emilia
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