Pig feeders


New Cagi's top products include pig feeding systems. Our firm has been dealing with the production and installation of animal husbandry equipment for several years, including silos, feeders and metal food tanks. In our catalogue we offer safe and technologically advanced feeding systems. This page provides detailed information on the features and benefits of the various types of power supplies we offer.

Thermo Kettles

New Cagi offers a wide assortment of accessories for pig feeding systems: our catalogue includes pots for the preparation and distribution of feeding stuffs for computerised liquid feeding systems, trough feeders and cochlear feeders, dry feeding systems and accessories for feeders such as heaters, mixers and water softeners. All the products are made of high-quality materials, which ensure maximum ease of maintenance.

Liquid power supplies

Innovative computerised liquid feeding systems are equipped with high precision sensors, which control the distribution of the feed by dividing it into the desired portions: this is released at regular intervals during the day, helping to keep its nutritional properties unaltered. With this type of plant the liquid food is transported to the trough and carefully dosed by means of compressed air, thus leaving no residue in the mixing tank and in the pipes. To request a quotation, write to us using the form on our contact page or via our contact details.
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